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Bonfire - Fireworks (1987)

Bonfire - Fireworks (1987)

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1. "Ready 4 Reaction"   3:43

2. "Never Mind"   3:39

3. "Sleeping All Alone"   3:35

4. "Champion"   3:31

5. "Don't Get Me Wrong"   3:25

6. "Sweet Obsession"   3:02

7. "Rock Me Now"   4:15

8. "American Nights"   3:42

9. "Fantasy"   4:41

10. "Give It a Try"   4:32

11. "Cold Days"   4:24

Bonfire Band Members / Musicians

Claus Lessmann - lead & backing vocals

Hans Ziller - lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, backing vocals

Horst Maier - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Jörg Deisinger - bass, backing vocals

Ken Mary - drums, percussion

Martin Ernst - keyboards

Fireworks is the 2nd album by the German hard rock band Bonfire. It was released in 1987 on the label BMG International with two different covers, the worldwide one had a patterned similar to a decorated vault door while the North American version was simply four pictures of each band member in each corner of the cover. This album was recorded with a guest drummer, Ken Mary from Fifth Angel, because the band's drummer was fired during the writing sessions. A new drummer was hired just before the band toured in support of Fireworks. In 2003, the album was certified a Gold seller. Originally the band had recorded 25 songs, settling on 11 tracks.

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