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Doro - Fight (2002)

Doro - Fight (2002)

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1. "Fight"   4:09

2. "Always Live to Win"   3:01

3. "Descent"   4:02

4. "Salvaje"   2:47

5. "Undying"   4:06

6. "Legends Never Die"   5:21

7. "Rock Before We Bleed"   4:22

8. "Sister Darkness"   4:46

9. "Wild Heart"   4:32

10. "Fight by Your Side"   3:49

11. "Chained"   4:15

12. "Hoffnung (Hope)"   4:37

13. "Song for Me" (Digipak edition bonus track)   4:31

Total length:   54:34

Doro Band Members / Musicians

Doro Pesch – vocals, producer

Nick Douglas – bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Joe Taylor – guitars, backing vocals

Johnny Dee – drums, backing vocals

Oliver Palotai – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals

Russ Ballard – guitar on "Wild Heart"

Jean Beauvoir – guitar on "Sister Darkness"

Andreas Bruhn – guitars on "Legends Never Die"

Chris Caffery – guitars on "Salvaje" and guitar solo on "Descent"

Jürgen Engler – ebow on "Legends Never Die"

Chris Lietz – guitars, bass, keyboards, producer, engineer, mixing

Peter Steele – vocals on "Descent"

Michael Voss – guitar on "Legends Never Die"

Chris Winter – keyboards on "Wild Heart"

Fight is the 8th studio album of the German female hard rock singer Doro Pesch. It was released worldwide in 2002 by SPV/Steamhammer.

Fight is the 1st Doro album since Force Majeure to be produced with a strong contribution from the members of the band that accompanied the German singer on her tours. Nick Douglas, Joe Taylor and Johnny Dee had toured with Doro for more than ten years, while Oliver Palotai replaced Mario Parillo after his death in 2001.

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