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Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum (2021)

Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum (2021)

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1. "Recode"   5:47

2. "Disruptor"   3:45

3. "Aggression Continuum"   4:54

4. "Purity"   3:50

5. "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine"   5:28

6. "Collapse"   4:20

7. "Manufactured Hope"   5:01

8. "Cognitive Dissonance"   4:37

9. "Monolith"   3:34

10. "End of Line"   7:18

Total length:   48:34

Fear Factory Band Members / Musicians

Burton C. Bell – vocals

Dino Cazares – guitars, bass

Mike Heller – drums

Igor Khoroshev – keyboards

Rhys Fulber – programming

Max Karon – additional keyboards

Giuseppe Bassi – additional keyboards

Andy Sneap – mixing and mastering

Aggression Continuum is the 10th studio album by American heavy metal band Fear Factory, released on June 18, 2021. It is the band's first studio album since Genexus (2015), marking the longest gap between two albums in their entire career. The reasons behind the six-year gap between Genexus and Aggression Continuum were due to creative and personal differences, and legal issues surrounding the band, all of which contributed to Fear Factory going on an extended hiatus and Burton C. Bell leaving the band in 2020 after more than three decades as their singer. Despite this, Bell's vocals are present on the album, as they were recorded in 2017. Aggression Continuum also saw Fear Factory's lineup intact for the first time since Transgression (2005), with Mike Heller on drums and founding member Dino Cazares contributing to both guitar and bass.

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