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Fear Factory - Digimortal (2001)

Fear Factory - Digimortal (2001)

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1. "What Will Become?"   3:24

2. "Damaged"   3:03

3. "Digimortal"   3:04

4. "No One"   3:37

5. "Linchpin"   3:25

6. "Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)"   3:54

7. "Acres of Skin"   3:55

8. "Back the Fuck Up" (featuring B-Real)   3:10

9. "Byte Block"   5:21

10. "Hurt Conveyor"   3:42

11. "(Memory Imprints) Never End"   6:48

Total length:   43:20

Fear Factory Band Members / Musicians

Burton C. Bell − lead vocals (credited as "Resonating Biodroid")

Dino Cazares − guitars ("Energized Riff Traumatizer")

Christian Olde Wolbers − bass ("Subsonic Assassin"), backing vocals ("Auxiliary Resonator")

Raymond Herrera − drums ("Automated Rhythmic Attacker")

John Anonymous − pre-production

Robert Breen − assistant engineer

Huey Dee − pre-production

Rhys Fulber − producer, keyboards ("Force Activated Keyboards"), programming ("Mechanical Programming")

John Bechdel − keyboards ("Live Activated Keyboards"), programming ("Programming Engineered"), add. keyboards ("Additional Keys Generated") (11)

Malcolm Springer − arrangements ("Additional Pre-production Arrangements Supported")

Jordan Plotnikoff − vocals ("Child's Vox") (1)

Billy Sherwood − arrangements ("Harmony Vox Arrangements") (3, 6)

B-Real − effects ("Enhancements") (5), vocals ("Auxiliary Vox") (8)

Tom Jermann − artistic director

George Marino − mastering

Mike Plotnikoff − mixing, technical engineer

Oscar Ramirez − assistant engineer

Paul Silveira − engineer

Neil Zlozower − photography

Digimortal is the 4th studio album by American industrial metal band Fear Factory, released on April 24, 2001 by Roadrunner Records. It is a concept album and the final part of a trilogy that started with Demanufacture and continued with Obsolete, which it is the sequel to. It was the band's last album before officially breaking up in March 2002. Although Digimortal was not a commercial success, this was not given as reason for the band's breakup, which was instead said to be frontman Burton C. Bell's desire to "form a band that's more indie-rock-oriented". Fear Factory would officially reform in 2003, however, to begin work on their next album, Archetype. Digimortal was the last to feature founding guitarist and songwriter Dino Cazares for eight years until his return to the band in 2009.

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