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Gamma - Gamma 2 (1980)

Gamma - Gamma 2 (1980)

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Side one

"Mean Streak" (Ronnie Montrose, Davey Pattison, Jim Alcivar) – 4:50

"Four Horsemen" (Montrose, Pattison) – 4:48

"Dirty City" (Montrose, Pattison) – 4:04

"Voyager" (Montrose, Pattison) – 5:23

Side two

"Something in the Air" (John "Speedy" Keen) – 3:17

"Cat on a Leash" (Montrose, Jerry Stahl) – 4:03

"Skin and Bone" (Montrose, Stahl) – 4:48

"Mayday" (Montrose, Alcivar) – 5:37

Gamma Band Members / Musicians

Davey Pattison – lead vocals

Ronnie Montrose – guitar, producer

Jim Alcivar – keyboards

Glenn Letsch – bass guitar

Denny Carmassi – drums

Genya Ravan – additional vocals on "Dirty City"

Gary Lyons – producer, engineer, mixing at Mediasound Studios, New York City

Ken Kessie, Peter Thea, Wayne Lewis – assistant engineers

George Marino – mastering at Sterling Sound, New York

Gamma 2 is Gamma's 2nd album, released in 1980. On this album Ronnie Montrose keeps his streak of not having the same personnel on two albums in a row, changing the line-up once again. Davey Pattison (vocals), Montrose (guitar), and Jim Alcivar (synthesizer) remain from Gamma 1. Glenn Letsch replaces Alan Fitzgerald on bass and old Montrose bandmate Denny Carmassi replaces Skip Gillette on drums.

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