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Girlschool - Demolition (1980)

Girlschool - Demolition (1980)

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Side one

"Demolition Boys" (Kim McAuliffe, Kelly Johnson) – 3:39

"Not for Sale" (Girlschool) – 3:31

"Race with the Devil" (Adrian Gurvitz) – 2:51

"Take It All Away" (McAuliffe) – 3:43

"Nothing to Lose" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 4:30

Side two

"Breakdown" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:05

"Midnight Ride" (McAuliffe, Johnson, Enid Williams) – 3:16

"Emergency" (Girlschool) – 2:50

"Baby Doll" (Girlschool) – 4:13

"Deadline" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 2:54

Girlschool Band Members / Musicians

Kim McAuliffe – rhythm guitar, vocals on tracks 1, 5, 10

Kelly Johnson – lead guitar, vocals on tracks 6, 15

Enid Williams – bass, vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12

Denise Dufort – drums

Vic Maile – producer, engineer, mixing

Demolition is the 1st studio album by the British heavy metal band, Girlschool. It was released in Europe on Bronze Records in 1980.

It was produced by experienced sound engineer Vic Maile. Demolition reached No. 28 in the UK Albums Chart, following the rising of the new wave of British heavy metal phenomenon. The tour supporting the album included high-profile support slots to Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep shows.

Girlschool are a British rock band that formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1978. Frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead, they are the longest-running all-female rock band, still active after more than 40 years. Formed from a school band called Painted Lady, Girlschool enjoyed strong media exposure and commercial success in the UK in the early 1980s with three albums of 'punk-tinged metal' and a few singles, but lost their momentum in the following years.

Girlschool Band Members / Musicians

Kim McAuliffe – rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals (1978–present)

Denise Dufort – drums (1978–present)

Jackie Chambers – lead guitar, backing vocals (2000–present)

Tracey Lamb – bass guitar (1987–1991, 1993–2000, 2019–present)

Girlschool Discography Full

Demolition (1980)

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Screaming Blue Murder (1982)

Play Dirty (1983)

Running Wild (1985)

Nightmare at Maple Cross (1986)

Take a Bite (1988)

Girlschool (1992)

21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent (2002)

Believe (2004)

Legacy (2008)

Hit and Run – Revisited (2011)

Guilty as Sin (2015)


Play Dirty Live (1985)

Girlschool - Live from London (2005)

Around the World (2008)

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