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Girlschool - Play Dirty (1983)

Girlschool - Play Dirty (1983)

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Side one

"Going Under" (Kim McAuliffe, Kelly Johnson) – 4:16

"High & Dry" (Jim Lea, Noddy Holder) – 3:10

"Play Dirty" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 5:04

"20th Century Boy" (Marc Bolan) – 3:28

"Breaking All the Rules" (McAuliffe, Johnson, Gil Weston, Denise Dufort) – 3:03

Side two

"Burning in the Heat" (Lea, Holder) – 3:20

"Surrender" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:24

"Rock Me Shock Me" (McAuliffe, Johnson, Weston, Dufort) – 4:28

"Running for Cover" (McAuliffe, Johnson) – 3:12

"Breakout (Knob in the Media)" (McAuliffe, Johnson, Weston, Dufort) – 3:23

Girlschool Band Members / Musicians

Kim McAuliffe – rhythm guitar, lead vocals on tracks 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Kelly Johnson – lead guitar, lead vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6

Gil Weston – bass, backing vocals

Denise Dufort – drums

Lemmy - backing vocals

Vicki Blue - backing vocals

Don Garbutt - keyboards and explosions

Mark Haircut - tambourine, backing vocals

Paul Samson - handclaps and general noise

Play Dirty is the 4th studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool, released on Bronze Records in 1983 and produced by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea from the hard rock band Slade. It was the first Girlschool album not to enter the UK Top 40 album chart and signalled a general downturn in their career, along with an inclination towards a softer rock sound. Kelly Johnson left the band soon after the release and an intended full US-tour never materialised. In the UK, two singles were lifted from the album, each having a picture-sleeve:

"20th Century Boy"/ "Breaking All the Rules" on 7-inch, the 12-inch adding "Like It Like That". "20th Century Boy" is a T. Rex cover.

"Burning in the Heat"/ "Surrender" as both the 7-inch and 12-inch single release. (1984)

In 2005, Castle subsidiary Sanctuary Records re-issued the album on CD with songs from the EP 1-2-3-4 Rock and Roll and other compilations as bonus tracks, and extensive sleevenotes by Record Collector magazine's Joe Geesin.

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