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Glenn Hughes - L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes - Blues (1992)

Glenn Hughes - L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes - Blues (1992)

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"The Boy Can Sing The Blues" – 5:38 (Hughes, Erickson, Mike Varney)

"I'm The Man" – 5:45 (Hughes, Erickson)

"Here Come The Rebel" – 4:16 (Hughes, Erickson)

"What Can I Do For Ya?" – 6:16 (Hughes, Erickson)

"You Don't Have To Save Me Anymore" – 5:34 (Hughes, Erickson)

"So Much Love To Give" – 5:23 (Hughes, Erickson)

"Shake The Ground" – 6:05 (Hughes, Erickson)

"Hey Buddy (You Got Me Wrong)" – 6:12 (Hughes, Erickson, Franklin, Varney)

"Have You Read The Book?" – 4:42 (Hughes, Erickson)

"Life Of Misery" – 5:15 (Hughes)

"Can't Take Away My Pride" – 4:23 (Hughes, Erickson)

"A Right To Live" – 4:32 (Hughes, Kotzen)

Glenn Hughes Band Members / Musicians

Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Bass on tracks 1, 3, 10, 11 and 12

Craig Erickson – All Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar on tracks 6 and 10

Tony Franklin – Bass on tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Gary Ferguson – Drums

Mark Jordan – Keyboards

John Norum – Guitar Solos on tracks 1 and 2

Warren DeMartini – guitar solo on tracks 1, 2 and 5

Mark Kendall – Lead Guitar on track 3, guitar solo on track 5

Richie Kotzen – Lead Guitar on tracks 4 and 12

Darren Housholder – Lead Guitar on track 7, guitar solo on track 9

Paul Pesco - guitar solo on track 8

Mick Mars – guitar solo on track 9, Slide Guitar on track 11

L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes – Blues is a solo album by former Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Trapeze vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes.

The album was produced under the moniker of the L.A. Blues Authority, a blues project that featured many musicians playing original blues tracks and covers. This is the only album under that name which featured only original material performed by one singer. The album was recorded in three weeks and Hughes’ claims the themes in the record deal with his personal demons of the time. This was Hughes’ first solo album to be released after he kicked his drug habits in 1991 and found his ‘higher power’. He hadn’t released an album under his own name since 1977’s Play Me Out. This marked a beginning of a highly productive period in Hughes’ life that still continues.

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