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Joe Lynn Turner - Rescue You (1985)

Joe Lynn Turner - Rescue You (1985)

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"Losing You" - 4:25

"Young Hearts" - 3:52

"Prelude" (Newman, Turner) - 0:56

"Endlessly" - 3:40

"Rescue You" - 4:31

"Feel the Fire" - 3:28

"Get Tough" (Delia, Turner) - 4:33

"Eyes of Love" (Turner) - 3:49

"On the Run" - 3:53

"Soul Searcher" (Greenwood, Newman, Turner) - 4:08

"The Race Is On" - 3:23

Joe Lynn Turner Band Members / Musicians

Joe Lynn Turner – vocals

Alan Greenwood – keyboards

Chuck Burgi – drums

Bobby Messano – guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals

Rescue You is the 1st solo album of Joe Lynn Turner, formerly of Rainbow and Fandango. This album is a collection of AOR and radio-friendly pop tracks from the rock heyday of the mid-80's. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker.

Joe Lynn Turner (born Joseph Arthur Mark Linquito, August 2, 1951) is an American singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer. He is known for his work in the hard rock bands Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Deep Purple. During his career, Turner fronted and played guitar with pop rock band Fandango in the late 1970s; and in the early 1980s, he became a member of Rainbow, fronting the band and writing songs with guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore and bassist, and producer, Roger Glover. After Rainbow had disbanded (the first time) in March 1984, he pursued a solo career, released one album, Rescue You, and then later did session work, singing background vocals for the likes of Billy Joel, Cher, and Michael Bolton. 

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