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Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 3 (2021)

Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 3 (2021)

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1. "Hypersonic"   8:22

2. "Beating the Odds"   6:09

3. "Liquid Evolution"   3:23

4. "The Passage of Time"   7:32

5. "Chris & Kevin's Amazing Odyssey"   5:04

6. "Rhapsody in Blue"   13:16

7. "Shades of Hope"   4:42

8. "Key to the Imagination"   13:14

Total length:   61:42

Bonus Disc: “A Night at the Improv”

1. "Blink of an Eye"   10:28

2. "Solid Resolution Theory"   10:02

3. "View from the Mountaintop"   5:24

4. "Your Beard is Good"   14:31

5. "Ya Mon"   15:24

Total length:   55:49

Liquid Tension Experiment Band Members / Musicians

John Petrucci – guitar, production

Tony Levin – Chapman Stick, bass guitar, production, photography

Jordan Rudess – keyboard, production

Mike Portnoy – drums, percussion, production

Rich Mouser – mixing, mastering

James "Jimmy T" Meslin – recording

Liquid Tension Experiment 3 is the 3rd studio album by the American instrumental progressive metal super group Liquid Tension Experiment. Released on April 16, 2021, it is their first studio effort since 1999's Liquid Tension Experiment 2.

The regular edition of the album contains eight tracks, including two duets, one "on-the-fly jam" and one "meticulously arranged cover"; the bonus disc comes with almost one hour of improvisations. It was released in digital, CD, LP and Blu-ray formats, including a limited 2CD+Blu-ray artbook edition and a limited deluxe hot pink box set.

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