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Mott - Drive On (1975)

Mott - Drive On (1975)

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Side one

"By Tonight" – 3:46

"Monte Carlo" – 4:35

"She Does It" – 3:26

"I'll Tell You Something" – 4:30

"Stiff Upper Lip" 4:30

Side two

"Love Now" – 2:45

"Apologies" (Ray Major) – 0:50

"The Great White Wail" – 5:06

"Here We Are" – 5:25

"It Takes One To Know One" (Dale Griffin) – 4:30

"I Can Show You How It Is" (Watts, Griffin) – 2:30

Mott the Hoople Band Members / Musicians

Nigel Benjamin – lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitars

Ray Major – lead and slide guitars, backing vocals

Morgan Fisher – piano, backing vocals, organ, synthesizer

Pete Overend Watts – bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals; lead vocals on "Stiff Upper Lip" and "Love Now"

Dale "Buffin" Griffin – drums, backing vocals, percussion

Mott – producer, arranger

Alan Harris, Geoff Emerick, Ron Fawcus – engineers

Arun Chakraverty – mastering

Art Direction – Roslav Szaybo

Gary Edwards, Geoff Emerick, Pete Henderson – mixing engineers

Mike Putland, Peter Lavery – photography

Roger Bamber – photography [Front Cover]

Drive On is a 1975 album by British band Mott (one year before, named Mott the Hoople). It was released on the CBS label in the UK and the Columbia label in the United States. A remastered version was released in CD format in 2006 by Wounded Bird Records in US. It's the first album without former lead singer Ian Hunter, and includes two new members: Ray Major and Nigel Benjamin.

The album features the singles "Monte Carlo / Shout It All Out" and "By Tonight / I Can Show You How It Is".

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