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My Indigo - My Indigo (2018)

My Indigo - My Indigo (2018)

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1. "My Indigo"   3:25

2. "Crash and Burn"   4:37

3. "Black Velvet Sun"   3:30

4. "Indian Summer"   2:51

5. "Out of the Darkness"   3:57

6. "Star Crossed Lovers"   3:07

7. "Someone Like You"   3:12

8. "Safe and Sound"   5:42

9. "Lesson Learned"   3:53

10. "Where Is My Love"   4:29

Total length:   38:43

The track listing has a slightly different track list "Out of the Darkness" is track 3 on the digital release but track 5 on the cd release; "Black Velvet Sun" is track 3 on the cd release but track 5 on the digital release.

My Indigo Band Members / Musicians

Sharon den Adel – lead vocals

Will Knox – guitars, ukulele, backing vocals

Martijn Konijnenburg – keyboards

Teus Nobel – trumpet

Kevin de Randamie – voice-over on track 2

Daniel Gibson – keyboards, production, programming

Daniel Barkman – additional production

Björn Engelmann Рmastering

Michael Ilbert – mixing

My Indigo is the debut studio album by Dutch singer and songwriter Sharon den Adel with her solo musical project My Indigo. It was released on 20 April 2018. The track listing of the debut album was released on 31 January 2018 by Within Temptation fansite DontTearMeDown.

My Indigo is a musical project by Dutch singer and songwriter Sharon den Adel. The project was announced in late 2017 and is unrelated to den Adel's symphonic metal band Within Temptation.

My Indigo Discography Full

Studio albums

My Indigo (2018)


My Indigo (2017)

Out of the Darkness (2017)

My Indigo (Chill Mix) (2018)

Crash and Burn (2018)

Crash and Burn (Leeb Remix) (2018)

Someone Like You (2018)

Where Is My Love (2018)

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