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Robert Plant - Sixty Six to Timbuktu (2003)

Robert Plant - Sixty Six to Timbuktu (2003)

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Disc one

"Tie Dye on the Highway" (Chris Blackwell, Robert Plant) – 5:09

"Upside Down" (David Barratt, Phil Johnstone) – 4:10

"Promised Land" (Phil Johnstone, Robert Plant) – 4:59

"Tall Cool One" (Phil Johnstone, Robert Plant) – 4:37

"Dirt in a Hole" (Justin Adams, John Baggot, Clive Dreamer, Charlie Jones, Robert Plant, Porl Thompson) – 4:44

"Calling to You" (Chris Blackwell, Robert Plant) – 5:49

"29 Palms" (Blackwell, Doug Boyle, Phil Johnstone, Charlie Jones, Robert Plant) – 4:51

"If I Were a Carpenter" (Tim Hardin) – 3:47

"Sea of Love" (Phillip Baptiste, George Khoury) – 3:04

"Darkness, Darkness" (Jesse Colin Young) – 5:03

"Big Log" (Robbie Blunt, Robert Plant, Jezz Woodroffe) – 5:03

"Ship of Fools" (Phil Johnstone, Robert Plant) – 4:58

"I Believe" (Phil Johnstone, Robert Plant) – 4:54

"Little by Little" (Robert Plant, Jezz Woodroffe) – 4:41

"Heaven Knows" (David Barratt, Phil Johnstone) – 4:04

"Song to the Siren" (Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley) – 4:06

Disc two

"You'd Better Run" (Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere) – 2:29

"Our Song" (Umberto Bindi, Franco Califano, Nisa, Anthony Ralph Clarke) – 2:31

"Hey Joe (Demo Version)" (William Roberts) – 4:58

"For What It's Worth (Demo Version)" (Stephen Stills) – 3:30

"Operator" (Alexis Korner, Steve Miller, Robert Plant) – 4:36

"Road to the Sun" (Barriemore Barlow, Robbie Blunt, Phil Collins, Paul Martinez, Robert Plant, Jezz Woodroffe) – 5:35

"Philadelphia Baby" (Charlie Rich) – 2:13

"Red For Danger" (Robin George) – 3:38

"Let's Have a Party" (Jessie Mae Robinson) – 3:40

"Hey Jayne" (Charlie Jones, Robert Plant) – 5:23

"Louie, Louie" (Richard Berry) – 2:52

"Naked if I Want To" (Jerry Miller) – 0:46

"21 Years" (Robert Plant, Rainer Ptacek) – 3:30

"If It's Really Got to Be This Way" (Arthur Alexander, Donnie Fritts, Gary Nicholson) – 3:59

"Rude World" (Rainer Ptacek) – 3:45

"Little Hands" (Skip Spence) – 4:19

"Life Begin Again" (Simon Emmerson, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Mass, James McNally, Martin Russell) – 6:19

"Let the Boogie Woogie Roll" (Ahmet Ertegün, Jerry Wexler) – 2:36

"Win My Train Fare Home" (Live) (Justin Adams, John Baggot, Clive Deamer, Charlie Jones, Robert Plant, Porl Thompson) – 6:15

Sixty Six to Timbuktu is an album featuring the history of the career of Robert Plant, from 1966 to a recording done at the Festival in the Desert in Mali. The album was released in 2003 and contains songs from Plant's eight solo albums up to the time of its release on its first disc, and rarities on its second disc. Some of his well-known songs were omitted from this release, such as "Burning Down One Side", "Moonlight in Samosa", "Slow Dancer", "Other Arms", "In the Mood", and "Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes on You)".

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