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Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come (1970)

Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come (1970)

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Side one

1. "Master Heartache"   4:37

2. "Hard Rain Fallin'"   2:56

3. "Lady of Fire"   2:53

4. "Lake Isle of Innersfree"   4:03

5. "Pumped Up"   4:07

Side two

6. "Kingdom Come"   6:35

7. "I Got a Woman"   3:03

8. "Hell Hound"   3:20

9. "Helium Head (I Got a Love)"   4:02

10. "Ain't Got Hung on You"   2:24

Total length:   38:00

Sir Lord Baltimore Band Members / Musicians

John Garner - lead vocals, drums

Louis Dambra - guitar

Gary Justin - bass

Kingdom Come is the debut studio album by American rock band Sir Lord Baltimore, released on Mercury Records in 1970.

Sir Lord Baltimore was an American heavy metal band from Brooklyn, New York, United States, formed in 1968 by lead vocalist and drummer John Garner, guitarist Louis Dambra, and bassist Gary Justin. Some have cited the 1971 review of their debut record, Kingdom Come, in Creem magazine as containing the first documented use of the term "heavy metal" to refer to a style of music. Sir Lord Baltimore featured a drumming lead singer, traditionally a rarity in rock and metal music. The band is also the first band to be categorized as heavy metal.[4][better source needed] The group has been called "the godfathers of stoner rock."

Sir Lord Baltimore Band Members / Musicians

John Garner - lead vocals, drums (1968–1976, 2006–2015; died 2015)

Louis Dambra - guitar (1968–1976, 2006–2007; died 2019)

Gary Justin - bass (1968–1976)

Joey Dambra - guitar (1970–1972)

Sir Lord Baltimore Discography Full

1970 Kingdom Come

1971 Sir Lord Baltimore

2006 Sir Lord Baltimore III Raw

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