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Sparklehorse - Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (1995)

Sparklehorse - Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (1995)

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1. "Homecoming Queen"   3:36

2. "Weird Sisters"   5:00

3. "850 Double Pumper Holley"   0:36

4. "Rainmaker"   3:47

5. "Spirit Ditch"   3:24

6. "Tears on Fresh Fruit"   2:08

7. "Saturday"   2:27

8. "Cow"   7:05

9. "Little Bastard Choo Choo"   0:47

10. "Hammering the Cramps"   2:49

11. "Most Beautiful Widow in Town"   3:19

12. "Heart of Darkness"   1:52

13. "Ballad of a Cold Lost Marble"   0:45

14. "Someday I Will Treat You Good"   3:42

15. "Sad & Beautiful World"   3:33

16. "Gasoline Horseys"   2:40

Vinyl bonus tracks

17. "Waiting for Nothing"   2:28

18. "Happy Place"   2:17

Sparklehorse Band Members / Musicians

Mark Linkous – vocals, multiple instruments, production, engineering, mixing

David Lowery (credited as "David Charles") – bass, drums, guitar (nylon), guitar (electric), keyboards, engineering, mixing, production

Johnny Hott – drums, percussion

Bob Rupe – bass, voices

Paul Watson – guitar

Mike Lucas – pedal steel

Armistead Wellford – bass

David Bush – drums

Al Esis - Drums

Dennis Herring – vibraphone, engineering, mixing, production

John Moran – mixing

Howie Weinberg – mastering

Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot is the debut studio album by American indie rock outfit Sparklehorse, released in August 1995 by record label Capitol.

The album was largely recorded with musicians from Cracker, for which Mark Linkous worked at the time as guitar tech, roadie and sometimes-collaborator. Most of the album was produced and recorded with Cracker's David Lowery, under the pseudonym David Charles.

Sparklehorse was an American indie rock band from Richmond, Virginia, led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Linkous. Sparklehorse was active from 1995 until Linkous' 2010 death. Prior to forming Sparklehorse, Linkous fronted local bands Johnson Family and Salt Chunk Mary. Only one song, "Someday I Will Treat You Good," survived from these earlier bands to be played by Sparklehorse. Linkous stated that he ultimately chose Sparklehorse for a name because the two words sounded good together and it could loosely be used as a metaphor for a motorcycle. At its inception, members of Sparklehorse included Paul Watson (banjo, cornet, lap steel and electric guitar), Scott Minor (drums, chord organ, banjo), Johnny Hott (Wurlitzer organ, percussion, backing vocals), and Scott Fitzsimmons (standup bass).

Sparklehorse Discography Full

Studio albums

Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (August 1995, UK No. 58)

Good Morning Spider (October 1998, UK No. 30)

It's a Wonderful Life (June 2001, UK No. 49)

Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain (September 25, 2006, US Heatseekers No. 11, UK No. 60)

Dark Night of the Soul (with Danger Mouse) (2010, UK No. 32)


Chords I've Known EP (CD, April 1996)

Distorted Ghost EP (CD, July 2000)

In the Fishtank 15 EP (with Fennesz – September 2009)

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