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Stryper - Reborn (2005)

Stryper - Reborn (2005)

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"Open Your Eyes" - 4:02

"Reborn" - 3:27

"When Did I See You Cry" (M. Sweet, David Johnson) - 3:35

"Make You Mine" - 4:01

"Passion" - 3:48

"Live Again" - 3:30

"If I Die" - 3:22

"Wait for You" - 3:43

"Rain" (Paul Heusman, M. Sweet) - 3:45

"10,000 Years" (Public domain, M. Sweet) - 3:15

"I.G.W.T." (M. Sweet, Robert Sweet) - 3:17

Japanese edition bonus tracks

12. "More Than A Man" (Live)  

13. "Reach Out" (Live)  

Stryper Band Members / Musicians

Michael Sweet - lead vocals, guitar

Robert Sweet - drums (studio)

Oz Fox - guitar, backing vocals

Tracy Ferrie - bass guitar

Lou Spagnola - bass guitar ("Reborn" and "Passion")

Derek Kerswill - drums (demos)

Kenny Lewis - keyboards

Peter Vantine - keyboards, orchestration

Alan Magnus - additional background vocals

Reborn is the 9th release, and 6th album, from the Christian metal band Stryper, and the first full-length album of new material since Against the Law in 1990. Reborn was slated to be a Michael Sweet solo record, but after their reunion tour, Sweet played it for the other members, at which time Oz Fox suggested it should be a Stryper record. So the other members came in and learned their parts from the original demos. Sweet says in his autobiography, Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed, that he convinced Big3 Records, which had signed him for a solo release, to make it a Stryper record deal. Thus, Reborn became the first all-original Stryper record in 15 years.

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