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Stryper - The Yellow and Black Attack (1984)

Stryper - The Yellow and Black Attack (1984)

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"Loud 'N' Clear" (Michael Sweet) – 3:34

"From Wrong to Right" (M. Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox) – 3:51

"You Know What to Do" (M. Sweet, R. Sweet, Fox, Tim Gaines) – 4:47

"Co'mon Rock" (M. Sweet) – 3:46

"You Won't Be Lonely" (M. Sweet) – 3:43

"Loving You" (M. Sweet) – 4:15

Stryper Band Members / Musicians

Michael Sweet - lead vocals, guitar
Robert Sweet - drums
Oz Fox - lead guitar, background vocals
Tim Gaines - bass guitar, keyboards, background vocals

The Yellow and Black Attack is the 1st release and debut studio album from the Christian metal band Stryper. It was originally released as a six-song EP, and fewer than 20,000 copies were pressed, as their label, Enigma Records, was unsure of the potential market for Christian metal. CCM Magazine was slightly critical, citing production quality and the short length of the release, but commented that "Stryper has the promise of a major success story." According to Michael Sweet's autobiography, the album was re-recorded and released as an official album, after their first manager, Daryn Hinton, loaned them $100,000 to re-produce the record. The album initially sold 150,000 units in the first three weeks.

Stryper is an American Christian metal band from Orange County, California. The group's lineup consists of Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Perry Richardson (bass guitar), and Robert Sweet (drums).

Stryper Band Members / Musicians

Michael Sweet – lead vocals, guitar, piano (1982–1992, 1999–2001, 2003–present)

Robert Sweet – drums, percussion (1982–1993, 1999–2001, 2003–present)

Oz Fox – guitar, backing vocals (1983–1992, 1999–2001, 2003–present), lead vocals (1992–1993)

Perry Richardson – bass guitar, backing vocals (2017–present)

Eric Johnson – bass, backing vocals (1982)

Scott Lane – lead guitar, backing vocals (1983)

John Voorhees – bass guitar, backing vocals (1983)

Tim Gaines – bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards (1983–1986, 1986–1993, 1999–2001, 2003–2004, 2010–2017)

Matt Hurich – bass, backing vocals (1986)

Tracy Ferrie – bass, backing vocals (2004–2010)

John Van Tongeren – keyboards (The Roxx Regime Demos), bass, keyboards (Soldiers Under Command, To Hell with the Devil, In God We Trust)

Christopher Currell – synclavier, guitar (Soldiers Under Command)

Billy Meyers – keyboards (In God We Trust)

Steve Croes – synclavier (In God We Trust)

Brad Cobb – bass (To Hell with the Devil, In God We Trust)

John Purcell – keyboards (Against the Law)

Jeff Scott Soto – background vocals (Against the Law)

Randy Jackson – bass (Against the Law)

Brent Jeffers – drums, keyboards (Against the Law), (1986–1990 touring)

Tom Werman – percussion (Against the Law)

Kenny Aronoff – drums (Murder by Pride)

Charles Foley – keyboards (touring)

Kenny Metcalf – keyboards (1985, 1986 touring)

Stryper Discography Full
The Yellow and Black Attack (1984)
Soldiers Under Command (1985)
To Hell with the Devil (1986)
In God We Trust (1988)
Against the Law (1990)
Reborn (2005)
Murder by Pride (2009)
The Covering (2011)
Second Coming (2013)
No More Hell to Pay (2013)
Fallen (2015)
God Damn Evil (2018)
Even the Devil Believes (2020)

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