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Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard (1980)

Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard (1980)

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1. "Rock Hard" (Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn)   3:18

2. "Glad All Over" (Dave Clark, Mike Smith)   2:47

3. "Love Is Ready" (Eddy Brown, Teresa Straley)   3:30

4. "State of Mind" (Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey)   2:59

5. "Woman Cry" (Quatro, Tuckey)   3:39

6. "Lipstick" (Chapman, Chinn)   4:09

7. "Hard Headed" (Brown, Straley)   4:02

8. "Ego in the Night" (Quatro, Tuckey)   3:36

9. "Lonely is the Hardest" (Quatro, Tuckey)   3:47

10. "Lay Me Down" (Quatro, Tuckey, Jamie Crompton)   3:33

11. "Wish Upon Me" (Brown, Straley, David Krems)   2:56

Total length:   36:16

Suzi Quatro Band Members / Musicians

Suzi Quatro - lead vocals, bass guitar, organ

Len Tuckey - lead guitar, backing vocals

Jamie Crompton - guitar

Dave Neal - drums

Andrea Robinson - backing vocals

Linda Lawley - backing vocals

Michael Des Barres - backing vocals

Paul Delph - backing vocals

Sue Richman - backing vocals

Mike Chapman - producer

Rock Hard is the 7th solo studio album by the American rock singer-songwriter and bass guitarist Suzi Quatro. It was originally released in October 1980, and was her first and only release by the record label, Dreamland. The album was recorded over a period of one month in 1980, at United Western Studios, in Hollywood. It features three prolific guest backing vocalists, including Paul Delph, Michael Des Barres, and Andrea Robinson. It is notably her last album to chart anywhere for twenty-six years, until she released Back to the Drive, in 2006. The album featured the songs "Rock Hard", "Glad All Over", and "Lipstick" which were all released as singles. The aforementioned title track was a commercial success, peaking at Number 9 in Australia, but only peaked at #68 in the UK, while "Lipstick" was only a moderate success peaking at #46 in Australia, and at #51 in US. "Glad All Over", a cover version of a song originally by The Dave Clark Five, unlike the other singles was the only one to chart in Belgium, peaking at #25.

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