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Sweet - Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

Sweet - Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

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Side one
"Set Me Free" (Scott) – 3:57
"Heartbreak Today" – 5:02
"No You Don't" (Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn) – 4:35
"Rebel Rouser" – 3:25
"Peppermint Twist" (Joey Dee, Henry Glover) – 3:29

Side two
"Sweet F.A." – 6:15
"Restless" – 4:29
"Into the Night" (Scott) – 4:26
"AC-DC" (Chapman, Chinn) – 3:29

Sweet Band Members / Musicians

Brian Connolly – lead vocals (except as noted)

Steve Priest – bass guitar, lead vocals (tracks 3, 7), backing vocals

Andy Scott – guitars, lead vocals (track 8), backing vocals

Mick Tucker – drums, backing vocals

Sweet Fanny Adams is the 2nd album by Sweet, their first of two released in 1974, and also their first album simply as Sweet. The album was a turning point and change in the band's sound. It featured more of a hard rock sound than their previous pop records.

The album title is English (originally Royal Navy) slang originating from the murder of eight-year-old Fanny Adams in 1867 and means "nothing at all" as well as a similar euphemism "F.A." = "fuck all".

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