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The Dead Daisies - The Dead Daisies (2013)

The Dead Daisies - The Dead Daisies (2013)

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1. "It's Gonna Take Time"   3:21

2. "Lock 'n' Load" (featuring Slash)   4:38

3. "Washington"   3:19

4. "Yeah Yeah Yeah"   3:23

5. "Yesterday"   3:50

6. "Writing on the Wall"   3:19

7. "Miles in Front of Me"   3:26

8. "Bible Row"   3:01

9. "Man Overboard"   3:03

10. "Tomorrow"   2:45

11. "Can't Fight This Feeling"   3:13

12. "Talk to Me"   3:07

Total length:   44:25

The Dead Daisies Band Members / Musicians

Jon Stevens – vocals, guitar

David Lowy – guitar

John Fields – bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, producing, recording

Kevin Savigar – keyboards

Dorian Crozier – drums

Slash – lead & rhythm guitar on "Lock 'n' Load"

Simon Hosford – bass, electric Guitar, acoustic Guitar on "Lock 'n' Load"

Johnny Salerno – drums on "Lock 'n' Load"

Isaac Carpenter – drums on "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow"

Vanessa Amorosi – vocals

The Dead Daisies is the eponymous debut album by the international rock supergroup The Dead Daisies, featuring vocalist Jon Stevens and guitar player David Lowy. The album was produced by John Fields.

The Dead Daisies are an Australian-American rock band and musical collective supergroup formed in 2013 in Sydney, Australia by David Lowy. Musicians that have joined Lowy for the project have included Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses), Jon Stevens (INXS, Noiseworks), Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones), Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Charley Drayton (The Cult, Divinyls, Cold Chisel), John Tempesta (The Cult), Frank Ferrer (Guns N' Roses), Alex Carapetis (Nine Inch Nails), Clayton Doley, Jackie Barnes (Jimmy Barnes), John Corabi (The Scream, Mötley Crüe), Alan Mansfield, Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Bad Moon Rising, Dio, Burning Rain, Revolution Saints), Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English, Hardline, Ozzy Osbourne, Revolution Saints) and Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion).

The Dead Daisies Band Members / Musicians

David Lowy – rhythm guitar (2012–present)

Doug Aldrich – lead guitar, backing vocals (2016–present)

Glenn Hughes – lead vocals, bass (2019–present)

Tommy Clufetos – drums (2015 touring, 2021–present)

Alex Carapetis - drums (2013)

Alan Mansfield - keyboards (2013)

Clayton Doley - keyboards (2013)

Tony Featherstone - keyboards (2011)

Frank Ferrer - drums (2013)

Charley Drayton - drums (2013, 2013-2014)

John Tempesta - drums (2014)

Darryl Jones - bass, backing vocals (2013, 2015 touring)

Jon Stevens - lead vocals, acoustic guitar (2013–2015)

Jackie Barnes - drums (2015 session)

Damon Johnson - rhythm guitar (2015 touring)

Dave Leslie - lead guitar (2015 touring)

Richard Fortus - lead guitar (2013–2016)

Dizzy Reed - keyboards, backing vocals (2013–2016)

Brian Tichy - drums (2013, 2015-2017)

Marco Mendoza - bass, backing vocals (2013, 2014–2019)

John Corabi - lead vocals (2015 touring, 2015–2019)

Deen Castronovo – drums, backing vocals, lead vocals, percussion (2017–2021)

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