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Three Mile Pilot - Nà Vuccà Dò Lupù (1992)

Three Mile Pilot - Nà Vuccà Dò Lupù (1992)

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1. "One Step Ladder"   9:26

2. "Sore Loser"   4:37

3. "Slow Hand"   3:39

4. "Pinhut"   4:17

5. "Walking With Your Mother"   3:09

6. "Illwrath"   4:23

7. "Unicycle Silencer"   5:33

8. "Horse Sweat"   7:31

9. "Paralyzed (Dressing the Kill)" 6:11

10. "Feeling Bald" 5:51

11. "Fig"   5:51

12. "Huvakraft"   9:21

13. "Dirt on the Flag Mud on the Wheel"   4:31

Three Mile Pilot Band Members / Musicians

Pall Jenkins – vocals

Armistead Burwell Smith IV – bass guitar, backing vocals

Tom Zinser – drums

Jim French – Saxophone, Lur, Kalumus, Kühorn, Svegl

Randy Antler – design

Jeff Forrest – engineering

Three Mile Pilot – production, cover art, photography

Nà Vuccà Dò Lupù (Sicilian for Into the mouth of the wolf) is the debut studio album of Three Mile Pilot, released on November 16, 1992 by Headhunter Records.

Three Mile Pilot (often shortened to 3MP) is an American indie rock band from San Diego, California, United States, formed by Armistead Burwell Smith IV (a.k.a. Zach Smith) from Pinback, Systems Officer, Neighborhood Watch (Chula Vista)) on bass and vocals, Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession, Dark Sarcasm, Mr. Tube) on vocals and guitar, and Tom Zinser (Neighborhood Watch (CV), Pinback) on drums.

Three Mile Pilot Discography Full

Studio albums

Nà Vuccà Dò Lupù (1992)

The Chief Assassin to the Sinister (1994)

Another Desert, Another Sea (1997)

The Inevitable Past Is the Future Forgotten (2010)


Three Mile Pilot (1998)

Maps (2012)


Songs From an Old Town We Once Knew (2000)


"Circumcised" (1993)

"This Divine Crown" (1997)

"Piano Plus/Piano Minus" (1997)

"Red Sensing" (1997)

"The Approach" (1997, Split w/ A Minor Forest)

"Late Night in the City of Jodoolestan" (1997)

"In This Town I Awaken" (1998, Split w/ Boilermaker)

"The House Is Loss" (1998)

"Planets/Grey Clouds" (2009)

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