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Tindersticks - Across Six Leap Years (2013)

Tindersticks - Across Six Leap Years (2013)

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1. "Friday Night"   5:30

2. "Marseilles Sunshine"   4:31

3. "She's Gone"   3:44

4. "Dying Slowly"   4:28

5. "If You're Looking for a Way Out"   4:42

6. "Say Goodbye to the City"   4:42

7. "Sleepy Song"   4:40

8. "A Night In"   6:54

9. "I Know That Loving"   6:46

10. "What Are You Fighting For?"   4:10


Tindersticks Band Members / Musicians

David Boulter – piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, percussion

Neil Fraser – electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Earl Harvin – drums, backing vocals

Dan McKinna – bass guitar, backing vocals

Stuart A. Staples – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion

Natalia Bonner – violin

Harry Brown – trombone on "A Night In" and "I Know That Loving"

Charlie Cross – viola

Calina de la Mare – violin on "She's Gone"

Alison Dods – violin

Terry Edwards – trumpet on "Marseilles Sunshine", "Dying Slowly", "Say Goodbye to the City" and "Sleepy Song"; baritone saxophone on "Say Goodbye to the City"

Gina Foster – backing vocals

Howard Grott – violin

Caroline Hall – trombone on "Dying Slowly"

Rick Koster – violin

Oliver Kraus – cello

Andy Nice – tenor saxophone on "Say Goodbye to the City"; solo cello on "Sleepy Song"

Louise Peacock – violin

Rachel Robson – viola

Julian Siegel – tenor saxophone on "A Night In" and "I Know That Loving"

Julia Singleton – violin

Sophie Sirota – viola

Robert Spriggs – viola on "She's Gone"

Byron Wallen – trumpet on "A Night In" and "I Know That Loving"

Lucy Wilkins – violin on "She's Gone"

Sarah Willson – cello on "She's Gone"

Jason Yarde – baritone saxophone on "A Night In" and "I Know That Loving"

Across Six Leap Years is the 10th studio album by British alternative band Tindersticks, released on 14 October 2013. The album consists of ten previously released songs from the band's and singer Stuart Staples' solo back catalogue, which were re-recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The title refers to the fact that there had been six leap years (from 1992 to 2012) during the 21 years that Tindersticks had been together up to the recording of this album, and hinted that the record was something of a retrospective interpretation of their career.

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