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Trace - Trace (1974)

Trace - Trace (1974)

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Side one

1. "Gaillarde" (From: 3rd Part of the Italian Concerto BWV 971 in F Major by J.S. Bach and traditional Polish dance, arranged by Rick van der Linden)   6:07

2. "Gare le Corbeau" (Jaap van Eik)   2:02

3. "Gaillarde" (same source material as No. 1)   4:55

4. "The Death of Ace" (From: Peer Gynt Suite ("The Death of ├ůse") by Edvard Grieg, arranged by Rick van der Linden)   5:13

5. "The Escape of the Piper" (Rick van der Linden)   3:08

6. "Once" (Rick van der Linden, includes a brief quote of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg)   4:11

Side two

7. "Progression" (Rick van der Linden)   12:02

8. "A Memory" (Swedish traditional, arranged by Rick van der Linden)   3:54

9. "The Lost Past" (Pierre van der Linden)   3:27

10. "A Memory" (same source as No. 8)   1:40

11. "Final Trace" (Rick van der Linden)   3:50

Trace Band Members / Musicians

Rick van der Linden - keyboards
Jaap van Eik - guitars
Pierre van der Linden - drums

Trace was a Dutch progressive rock trio founded by Rick van der Linden in 1974 after leaving Ekseption. They released three albums before merging back into Ekseption.

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