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Trapeze - The Final Swing (1974)

Trapeze - The Final Swing (1974)

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1. "Send Me No More Letters"   4:51

2. "Your Love Is Alright"   4:54

3. "Black Cloud"   6:13

4. "Medusa"   5:40

5. "Coast to Coast"   4:02

6. "Will Our Love End"   5:07

7. "You Are the Music"   5:21

8. "Good Love"   4:20

9. "Dats It"   3:10


Trapeze Band Members / Musicians

Glenn Hughes – bass, piano, vocals

Mel Galley – guitar

Dave Holland – drums, percussion

John Jones – vocals ("Send Me No More Letters")

Terry Rowley – organ ("Send Me No More Letters")

John Lodge – production ("Send Me No More Letters", "Your Love Is Alright", "Black Cloud" and "Medusa")

Neil Slaven – production ("Coast to Coast", "Will Our Love End" and "You Are the Music")

Gerry Hoff – production ("Good Love" and "Dats It")

Jean Roussel – piano and electric piano ("Good Love" and "Dats It")

B. J. Cole – steel guitar ("Coast to Coast")

Rod Argent – electric piano ("Coast to Coast")

Frank Ricotti – vibraphone ("Will Our Love End")

Jimmy Hastings – alto saxophone ("Will Our Love End")

Bob Norrington – design

Karl Dunn – photography

The Final Swing is a compilation album by English hard rock band Trapeze. Released in 1974 by Threshold Records, it features tracks from the band's first three albums, Trapeze, Medusa and You Are the Music...We're Just the Band, as well as two new tracks produced by Gerry Hoff.

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