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Crash Test Dummies - I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (2001)

Crash Test Dummies - I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (2001)

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1. "I Don't Care That You Don't Mind"   4:04

2. "On And on"   2:19

3. "The Day We Never Met"   4:22

4. "Let It Feel Like Something Else"   3:06

5. "Little Secret"   2:27

6. "Sittin' on a Tree Stump"   2:06

7. "Buzzin' Flies"   3:20

8. "Yer Devil Ways"   4:41

9. "Hangin' Tree"   2:52

10. "Every Morning"   2:52

11. "Never Comin' Back"   2:36

12. "Put Me in a Corner of Your Mind"   4:46

13. "Shoot 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Down"   4:54

14. "I Never Fall Asleep at Night"   2:25

Crash Test Dummies Band Members / Musicians

Brad Roberts – vocals, guitars, ukulele

Danny MacKenzie – drums, background vocals

Dave Morton – acoustic bass, background vocals

Kent Greene – guitars, background vocals

Kenny Wollesen – drums, percussion

Andrew Hall – acoustic bass

Ellen Reid – vocals

Chris Brown – hammond organ, electric piano, piano

Drew Glackin – lap steel guitar, dobro guitar

Brian Mitchell – accordion

G.B. Gilmore – harmonica

Jane Scarpantoni – cello

Steve Bernstein – trumpet

Scott Harding – guitar (10), background vocals

John Ramos – background vocals (10)

Chris Skiani, Scott Harding, Brad Roberts – background vocals (14)

Spot the Dog and friends – animal noises (6)

Angela Feswick – radio (7)

I Don't Care That You Don't Mind is the 5th studio album by Crash Test Dummies. The album began as a solo album for Brad Roberts, while he was recuperating in the town of Argyle, Nova Scotia after suffering a near-fatal car accident in September 2000. Crash Test Dummies' name was put on the album after the band (minus Benjamin Darvill) agreed to tour the album.

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