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Eric Johnson - Seven Worlds (1998)

Eric Johnson - Seven Worlds (1998)

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"Zap" – 3:22

"Emerald Eyes" (Johnson, Jay Aaron Podolnick) – 3:18

"Showdown" (Johnson, Jay Aaron Podolnick) – 3:59

"Missing Key" – 3:43

"Alone with You" – 6:13

"I Promise I Will Try" – 2:41

"Winter Came" – 4:56

"Turn the Page" – 3:49

"A Song for Life" – 2:29

"By Your Side" – 3:37

Eric Johnson Band Members / Musicians

Eric Johnson – guitar, lead vocals, Fender Rhodes electric piano, piano, lap steel guitar

Jay Aaron – vocals

Christopher Cross – vocals

Liza Farrow – vocals

Kim Wilson – harmonica

Nick Phelps – trumpet

Jimmy Martin – guitar

Steve Barber – synthesizers

Roscoe Beck – bass guitar

Kyle Brock – bass guitar

David Dennard – bass

Bill Maddox – drums

Mark Singer – drums

Linda Wetherby – viola da gamba

Seven Worlds is a 1998 solo album by Eric Johnson. It contains songs recorded between 1976 and 1978 – after disbanding with his previous band The Electromagnets – that were intended to be Johnson's first solo album. Due to various disputes, general release was held up until Johnson gave permission to Ark 21 to finally release the master recordings, more than twenty years after the album was recorded. The rights to the Seven Worlds recordings are owned by a previous manager. Johnson subsequently re-recorded the tracks "Zap" and "Emerald Eyes" for his first general release album, 1986's Tones.

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