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Firewind - Days of Defiance (2010)

Firewind - Days of Defiance (2010)

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1. "The Ark of Lies"   4:45

2. "World on Fire"   4:39

3. "Chariot"   4:39

4. "Embrace the Sun"   4:06

5. "The Departure"   0:45

6. "Heading for the Dawn"   4:01

7. "Broken"   3:26

8. "Cold as Ice"   4:35

9. "Kill in the Name of Love"   4:27

10. "SKG"   5:20

11. "Losing Faith"   4:12

12. "The Yearning"   4:54

13. "When All Is Said and Done"   5:06

Firewind Band Members / Musicians

Apollo Papathanasio – vocals

Gus G. – lead guitars

Bob Katsionis – rhythm guitars and keyboards

Petros Christo – bass

Mark Cross - drums (credited for recording all drums on the album, no longer a member and not featured in album promotional material and artwork)

Michael Ehré – drums (recorded none of the material with the exception of "Breaking the Law")

Days of Defiance is the 6th studio album by Greek heavy metal band Firewind. It was released on 25 October 2010 in Europe and 26 October in North America.

The guitars, bass, keyboards and drums were recorded at Sound Symmetry Studios and Zero Gravity Studios in Greece while the vocals were recorded at Studio Landgren 5,0 in Sweden. All backing vocals were recorded by Marcus Pålsson. The artwork was done by Gustavo Sazes.

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