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Joe Jackson - Will Power (1987)

Joe Jackson - Will Power (1987)

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1. "No Pasaran"   6:07

2. "Solitude"   9:37

3. "Will Power"   5:52

4. "Nocturne"   4:25

5. "Symphony in One Movement"   16:14

Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

George Manahan - conductor

Ed Roynesdal - synthesizer (Kurzweil K250), electric piano

Gary Burke - drums

Pat Rebillot - piano (except on "Nocturne")

Vinnie Zummo - guitar

Anthony Jackson - bass guitar (on "Solitude")

Neil Jason - bass guitar (on "Will Power")

Tony Aiello - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet (solo on "Symphony")

Chris Hunter - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Steve Slagle - soprano saxophone (on "Solitude")

Michael Parloff, Laura Conwesser, Andrew Lolya - flute, piccolo

Susan Trainer - piccolo (on "Solitude")

Roger Rosenberg, Ray Beckenstein, Charles Russo, Dave Tofani - clarinet, bass clarinet

Henry Shuman - oboe

John Campo - bassoon

Paul Ingraham, Jerry Peel, John Clark, Donal Corrado - French horns

Michael Morreale, Mel Davis - trumpets

Dave Taylor, Tom Malone - trombones

Sue Evans, Dave Carey, David Freidman - percussion

David Nadien (concertmaster), Charles Libove, Barry Finclair, John Pintavalle, Jan Mullen, Marti Sweet, Arnold Eidus, Richard Sortomme, Matthew Raimondi, Marin Alsop, Gerald Tarack, Regis Iandiorio, Joseph Rabushka, Lew Eley, Jean Ingraham, Marilyn Wright, Masako Yanagita, Al Rogers, Louanne Montesi, Richard Henrickson, David Davis - violins

Lamar Alsop, Ted Israel, Maureen Gallagher, Carol Landon, Julien Barber, Harry Zaratzian, Sol Greitzer, Sue Pray, Jean Dane - violas

Charles McCracken, Richard Locker, Warren Lash, Seymour Barab, Jacqueline Mullen, Fred Zlotkin, Jean Leblanc, Diane Barrere, Alla Goldberg - cellos

Homer Mensch, John Miller, John Beal, Joe Tamosaitis - double bass

Andrew Zurcher - vocals (on "Solitude")

Will Power is the 8th album by Joe Jackson. Released in 1987, it is his first experiment with classical music, continued in later albums including Night Music, Heaven and Hell, and Symphony No. 1. The album peaked at #131 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

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