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Larry Norman - Stranded in Babylon (1991)

Larry Norman - Stranded in Babylon (1991)

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"Oh Lydia"

"God Part 3"

"Come Away"

"Hide His Heart"

"Step Into The Madness"

"Love Is A Commitment"

"I Will Survive"

"All The Way Home"

"Baby's Got The Blues"

"A Dangerous Place To Be"

Bonus tracks

"White Trash Stomp"

"Let The Rain Fall Down"

"Under The Eye"

These bonus tracks appear on The American Re-Mix and the 2004 CD re-issue

Larry Norman Band Members / Musicians

Larry Norman - vocals, harmonies, guitar, and piano

Charles Norman - harmonies, guitar, piano, bass and drums

Stranded in Babylon is an album recorded by Larry Norman in Norway in 1991. It was re-released in 1993 as Stranded in Babylon: The American Re-Mix. The album comprises 13 new songs written by Larry and represents some of his best work since the early days of his career. Larry and his brother Charly play all of the instruments, but the sound is full and well-produced.

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