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Rick Wakeman - Country Airs (Original) (1986)

Rick Wakeman - Country Airs (Original) (1986)

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Side one

"Dandelion Dreams" – 4:13

"Stepping Stones" – 3:49

"Ducks and Drakes" – 3:57

"Morning Haze" – 3:05

"Waterfalls" – 3:59

Side two

"Quiet Valleys" – 4:24

"Nature Trails" – 3:23

"Heather Carpets" – 4:01

"Lakeland Walks" – 3:58

"Wild Moors" – 3:24

Rick Wakeman Band Members / Musicians

Rick Wakeman - piano, production

Country Airs is a piano album written by Rick Wakeman and released in 1986 by Coda Records.

The album reached number one in the UK New Age charts. It was followed by two sequels, Sea Airs and Night Airs, released in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

A re-recording with four new compositions was released in 1992, published this time by President Records. Wakeman later revealed on his website that he regretted this version, doing it only because Coda had gone bankrupt, and refused to sell him the rights to the original.

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