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Rick Wakeman - Lisztomania (1975)

Rick Wakeman - Lisztomania (1975)

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Side one

"Rienzi/Chopsticks Fantasia" (Richard Wagner/Ferenc Liszt) - 4:20

"Love's Dream" (Liszt/ lyrics: Roger Daltrey) - 4:25 - vocal: Roger Daltrey

"Dante Period" (Liszt) - 2:05

"Orpheus Song" (Liszt/ lyrics: Jonathan Benson, Roger Daltrey) - 3:10 - vocal: Roger Daltrey

"Hell" (Liszt/ translation: John Forsythe) - 1:59 - vocal: Linda Lewis

Side two

"Hibernation" (Rick Wakeman) - 1:11

"Excelsior Song" (Liszt/ lyrics: Wakeman, Ken Russell) - 2:32 - vocal: Paul Nicholas

"Master Race" (Wagner) - 0:45

"Rape, Pillage and Clap" (Wagner) - 3:09

"Funerailles" (Liszt/ lyrics: Jonathan Benson) - 3:48 - vocal: Roger Daltrey

"Free Song (Hungarian Rhapsody)" (Liszt) - 1:57

"Peace at Last" (Liszt/ lyrics: Jonathan Benson, Daltrey) - 2:59 - vocal: Roger Daltrey

Rick Wakeman Band Members / Musicians

Rick Wakeman - keyboards

David Wilde - piano

National Philharmonic Orchestra - Orchestra

The English Rock Ensemble - Band

Bill Curbishley, Brian Lane - executive production

Roland Young - art direction

Junie Osaki - design

Lisztomania is a soundtrack album by English keyboardist Rick Wakeman, released in November 1975 on A&M Records. It features Wakeman's score for Ken Russell's film Lisztomania, itself a biography of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.

Some tracks feature The Who's Roger Daltrey singing lead vocals. The album was later upgraded as The Real Lisztomania by Wakeman because he was dissatisfied with the original release.

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