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Rick Wakeman - Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits (1994)

Rick Wakeman - Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits (1994)

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Disc 1 (Yes covers)


"Wonderous Stories"

"Don't Kill The Whale"

"Going For The One"

"Siberian Khatru"


"Starship Trooper"

Disc 2 (solo remakes)

"The Journey Overture"

"The Journey"

"The Hansbach"

"Lost In Time"

"The Recollection"

"Stream of Voices"

"The Battle"


"The Forest"

"Mount Etna"

"Journey's End"

"Sea Horses"

"Catherine of Aragon"

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

"Merlin The Magician"

Rick Wakeman Band Members / Musicians

Rick Wakeman - keyboards

Dave Winter - guitars

Tony Fernandez - drums

Alan Thompson - bass

Stuart Sawney - engineer, mixer

Roger Dean - artwork

Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits is an album by Rick Wakeman.

Despite what the title suggests, this is not a compilation album but instead one of re-makes of solo songs as well as covers of Yes. These are all instrumental versions and were only done with keyboards, guitar, bass and drums.

Most of the remakes of his solo work (11 out of 15) are from Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

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