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The Rattles - The Searchers Meet the Rattles (1964)

The Rattles - The Searchers Meet the Rattles (1964)

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Side 1 – Performed by The Searchers

1. "Sweet Nothin's"   2:18

2. "Shakin' All Over"   2:22

3. "Sweet Little Sixteen"   2:55

4. "Don't You Know"   1:55

5. "Maybellene"   1:55

6. "It's All Been A Dream"   1:43

Side 2 – Performed by The Rattles

1. "The Stomp"   2:12

2. "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"   2:13

3. "Bye Bye Johnny"   2:13

4. "Twist And Shout"   2:17

5. "Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)"   2:15

6. "Hello"   2:15


The Searchers Band Members / Musicians

Mike Pender – lead guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals

John McNally – rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals

Tony Jackson – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals

Chris Curtis – drums, lead and backing vocals

The Rattles Band Members / Musicians

Achim Reichel – lead guitar, vocals

Herbert Hildebrandt – bass, vocals

Hans Joachim Kreutzfeld – rhythm guitar, vocals

Dieter Sadlowsky – drums (except The Stomp and Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, drums: Reinhard Tarrach)

The Searchers Meet The Rattles is the 2nd US live album by English rock band The Searchers (side 1) and the first US LP by German rock band The Rattles (side 2). The Searchers recorded their set in March 1963 at the German Star-Club during their Hamburg residency.[1] The album contains songs that Mercury Records had withheld from its predecessor Hear! Hear!. Songs by The Rattles are taken from their album Twist Im Star-Club Hamburg released in Germany on Philips Records in 1963. The only other country that released The Searchers Meet The Rattles was Canada.

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