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Diamond Head - All Will Be Revealed (2005)

Diamond Head - All Will Be Revealed (2005)

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1. "Mine All Mine"   4:06

2. "Give It to Me"   3:05

3. "Nightmare"   3:42

4. "Fallen Angel"   4:10

5. "Alimony"   3:14

6. "Lost at Sea"   3:59

7. "Broken Pieces"   4:54

8. "All Will Be Revealed"   4:00

9. "Dead or Living"   4:31

10. "Drinkin' Again"   1:52

11. "Come Alive"   4:49

12. "Muddy Waters"   4:35

Diamond Head Band Members / Musicians

Brian Tatler (lead guitar)

Nick Tart (vocals)

Karl Wilcox (drums)

Eddie Moohan (bass)

Adrian Mills (rhythm guitar)

All Will Be Revealed is the 5th album by British heavy metal band Diamond Head. This was Diamond Head's first album with new singer Nick Tart and also the only album to feature Rob Mills on guitar, who was replaced by Andy 'Abbz' Abberley during the second leg of this tour - his first show at The Shed in Leicester, England in May 2006. This album was the band's first release since their 2002 Acoustic First Cuts EP and the first studio album since 1993's Death and Progress.

The album was recorded in 2004 and first released as a Limited 2005 Tour Edition for the band's European tour supporting Megadeth[2] with the cover artwork depicting a solar eclipse. A second issue of the album was released in February 2005 by Diamond Head (Music) Ltd., which featured an interview with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and a different cover of only the Diamond Head logo designed by Mick Payton. It was then released again by Cargo Records in October 2005. Lead guitarist, Brian Tatler has stated that the aim of this record was just to try to release a solid rock album with "punchy" riffs and no fillers.

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