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James Gang - Jesse Come Home (1976)

James Gang - Jesse Come Home (1976)

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"I Need Love" (Phil Giallombardo) – 3:17

"Another Year" (Bob Webb) – 3:59

"Feelin' Alright" (Giallombardo, Dale Peters, Webb) – 3:26

"Peasant Song" (Giallombardo) – 3:56

"Hollywood Dream" (Webb) – 3:12

"Love Hurts" (Andrew Gold) – 3:29

"Pick Up the Pizzas" (Webb) – 2:30

"Stealin' the Show" (Webb) – 3:58

"When I Was a Sailor" (Giallombardo) – 6:46

James Gang Band Members / Musicians

Bob Webb – guitars, lead (2, 7, 8) and backing vocals

Phil Giallombardo – keyboards, lead (1, 3 - 5, 6, 9) and backing vocals

Dale Peters – bass guitar, backing vocals

Jim Fox – drums

Nelson Pedron – percussion

Jesse Come Home is the 9th and final studio album by James Gang, released in 1976. This album is the only one recorded with lead guitarist Bob Webb and keyboardist Phil Giallombardo (Giallombardo had been in an early lineup of the band but he had left prior to the recording of their first album). The title Jesse Come Home refers to one of the band's namesakes: Jesse James. The cover features an atmospheric painting of the folk hero riding off into the sunset, an image which fans had identified as evidence that the band had intended for this album to be its last. The band broke up in 1977, and although James Gang has reunited several times since then, this remains its final studio work.

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