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James Gang - Yer' Album (1969)

James Gang - Yer' Album (1969)

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Side one
1. "Tuning Part One"   0:40
2. "Take a Look Around"   6:18
3. "Funk #48"   2:46
4. "Bluebird"   6:02
5. "Lost Woman"   9:06

Side two
1. "Stone Rap"   1:00
2. "Collage"   4:02
3. "I Don't Have the Time"   2:49
4. "Wrapcity in English"   0:57
5. "Fred"   4:09
6. "Stop"   12:04

James Gang Band Members / Musicians

Joe Walsh – vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano

Tom Kriss – bass guitar, vocals (tracks 10, 11), vibraphone, flute (credited with "good vibes" and "cheek flute")

Jim Fox – drums, vocals (tracks 3, 10, 11), guitar (track 1), piano (track 4)

Bill Szymczyk – organ (track 4), tambourine (track 3), maracas (track 7), vocals (tracks (10, 11)

Jerry Ragavoy – piano (track 11)

Bill Szymczyk: Producer

James Gang, Bill Szymczyk, Bert de Coteaux: Arrangers

Bill Szymczyk: Engineer

Denis Minervini: Assistant engineer

Henry Epstein: Cover design

Ladimer Jeric: Cover Art

Bill Szymczyk: Photography

Yer' Album is the debut studio album by the American rock band James Gang. The album was released in early 1969, on the Bluesway label. This is the James Gang's only album to feature their bassist Tom Kriss, he was replaced by Dale Peters for their next album. The album is notable for being the first album to feature guitarist Joe Walsh, who would later achieve great success as a solo artist and with the Eagles.

This album contains three cover songs out of the 11 tracks; Buffalo Springfield's "Bluebird"; "Lost Woman" by the Yardbirds; and "Stop" by Jerry Ragovoy and Mort Shuman, recorded a year earlier by Howard Tate and also by Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield for the Super Session album (albeit without vocals).

The James Gang was an American rock band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1966. The band went through a variety of line-up changes until they recorded their first album as a power trio consisting of Joe Walsh (guitars, lead vocals), Tom Kriss (bass) and Jim Fox (drums). Dale Peters replaced Kriss on bass for the band's second and third albums. The band had two songs, "Funk #49" and "Walk Away", which continue to be popular on classic rock and AOR stations. In late 1971, Walsh left to pursue a solo career and would later join the Eagles. The band continued on with a variety of other guitarists and lead singers to replace Walsh but failed to produce a hit song over the course of six more studio albums and broke up in 1977. Various incarnations have reformed for several reunions since then.

James Gang Discography Full

1969 Yer' Album
1970 James Gang Rides Again
1971 Thirds
1972 Straight Shooter
1972 Passin' Thru
1973 Bang
1974 Miami
1975 Newborn
1976 Jesse Come Home

Live album
1971 James Gang Live in Concert

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