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Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (2001)

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (2001)

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1. "Bleed American" (listed as "Salt Sweat Sugar" on the self-titled version)   3:02
2. "A Praise Chorus"   4:03
3. "The Middle"   2:46
4. "Your House"   4:46
5. "Sweetness"   3:40
6. "Hear You Me"   4:45
7. "If You Don't, Don't"   4:33
8. "Get It Faster"   4:22
9. "Cautioners"   5:21
10. "The Authority Song"   3:38
11. "My Sundown"   5:40

Jimmy Eat World Band Members / Musicians

Jim Adkins – lead vocals, lead guitar, percussion; bass guitar on "Your House"; piano on "Hear You Me" and "My Sundown"; organ on "Cautioners" and "My Sundown", bells on "My Sundown"

Rick Burch – bass guitar, backing vocals, gang vocals on "If You Don't, Don't"

Zach Lind – drums; percussion on "Your House" and "My Sundown"

Tom Linton – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, gang vocals on "Bleed American"; organ on "Hear You Me"

Davey von Bohlen – additional vocals on "A Praise Chorus"

Mark Trombino – synth emulator programming on "The Middle"; percussion on "Your House"; programming on "Get It Faster" and "My Sundown"; "magic box" on "Cautioners"

Travis Keller, Doug Messenger – "timely handclaps" on "The Authority Song"

Rachel Haden – additional vocals on "Hear You Me", "If You Don't, Don't", "Cautioners", and "My Sundown"; uncredited back-up vocals on "The Authority Song"

Ariel Rechtshaid – additional vocals on "If You Don't, Don't"

Mark Trombino – producer, engineering, mixing

Jimmy Eat World – producer

Justin Smith – assistant engineer

William Eggleston – front cover photograph

Christopher Wray-McCann – photography

Jim Adkins – art direction

Jeff Kleinsmith – art direction, design

Jesse LeDoux – design

Dana G. Smart – supervisor
Jimmy Eat World, Dana Smart, Luke Wood – compilers
Pat Lawrence – executive producer
Ted Jensen – mastering
Vartan – art direction
Coco Shinomiya – design
Ryan Null – photo coordination
Monique McGuffin Newman – production manager

Bleed American is the 4th studio album by American rock band Jimmy Eat World, released on July 24, 2001, by DreamWorks Records. Originally released as Bleed American, it was re-released as Jimmy Eat World following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., which took place seven weeks after its initial release. Following a lack of recognition for their third studio album Clarity (1999) from Capitol Records, the band departed from the label in late 1999. Aside from working odd jobs, the band toured to raise money for their next album. It was recorded with Mark Trombino and the band as producers in Los Angeles in October and November 2000 at the Cherokee and Harddrive studios. The musical style was more direct and accessible than its predecessor, with simpler chord structures.

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