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John Parr - Running the Endless Mile (1986)

John Parr - Running the Endless Mile (1986)

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"Two Hearts (American Anthem)" - 6:09

"Don't Worry 'Bout Me" - 4:05

"King of Lies" - 4:08

"Running the Endless Mile" - 4:19

"Don't Leave Your Mark on Me (Mark 2)" (Julia Downes, Parr) - 4:19

"Scratch" - 4:39

"Do It Again" - 4:08

"Blame It on the Radio" - 4:16

"The Story Still Remains the Same (Vices)" (Downes, Parr) - 3:52

"Steal You Away (Flight of the Spruce Goose)" - 5:30

John Parr Band Members / Musicians

John Parr - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards

Pete Bonas - guitar

Craig Jones - guitar

Michael Landau - guitar

Christopher Marra - guitar

Bruce Laing - bass

Brad Lang - bass

Steve Bodicker - keyboards

John Cook - keyboards

Richard Cottle - keyboards

Julia Downes - keyboards

Randy Kerber - keyboards

Tony Mitman - keyboards

Neil Richmond - synthesizer, programming

Peter-John Vettese - keyboards

Martin Dobson - saxophone

Jerry Hey - horn

Tony Beard - drums

Graham Broad - drums, percussion

Peter Hammond - drums, percussion, engineer

Jeff Porcaro - drums, percussion

Roddy Matthews - backing vocals

Lee Matty - backing vocals

Chuck Kirkpatrick - backing vocals

Gareth Mortimer - backing vocals

Gill O'Donovan - backing vocals

John Sambataro - backing vocals

Karen Sambrooke - backing vocals

Chris Thompson - backing vocals

Marty Thompson - backing vocals

Will Gosling - engineer

Running the Endless Mile is the 2nd album by John Parr, released in 1986. The lead single "Blame It on the Radio" reached U.S. #88, the only song to reach the U.S. singles charts. The first track on the album, "Two Hearts", was taken from the soundtrack to the film American Anthem. However, an earlier soundtrack hit, Parr's #1 hit of the previous summer "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" from the film of the same title (and also on the Atlantic label) was not included on this album, which may have limited its sales (the album failed to crack the Top 200 in the U.S.). Instead, a song that was on his first album, "Don't Leave Your Mark on Me" was repeated in a different version.

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