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Kingston Wall - III – Tri-Logy (1994)

Kingston Wall - III – Tri-Logy (1994)

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"Another Piece of Cake" – 3:48 (Kingston Wall)

"Welcome to the Mirrorland" – 3:46 (Kingston Wall)

"I'm the King, I'm the Sun" – 4:56 (Kingston Wall)

"The Key: Will" – 1:07 (Kingston Wall)

"Take You to Sweet Harmony" – 3:24 (Kingston Wall)

"Get Rid of Your Fears" – 2:56 (Kingston Wall)

"When Something Old Dies" – 1:21 (Kingston Wall)

"Alt - land - is" – 5:12 (Kingston Wall)

"Party Goes On" – 4:25 (Kingston Wall)

"Stüldt Håjt" – 8:59 (Kingston Wall)

"For All Mankind" – 6:17 (Kingston Wall)

"Time" – 7:07 (Kingston Wall)

"The Real Thing – 18:02 (Kingston Wall)

1998 re-issue limited edition bonus CD

"Skies Are Open" (live) – 7:24 (Kingston Wall)

"Third Stone from the Sun" (live) – 7:46 (J. Hendrix)

"Have You Seen the Pyg-Mies?" – 2:20 (Kingston Wall)

Track 1 is a live recording from Lepakko, Helsinki on December 5, 1994.

Track 2 is a live recording from City Sound, Turku on November 13, 1994. Recorded by Robert Palomäki.

Track 3 was originally released on the "Stüldt Håjt"-single. Recorded by Tom Vuori & Robert Palomäki.

Kingston Wall Band Members / Musicians

Petri Walli - guitars, vocals, mixing

Jukka Jylli - bass, backing vocals

Sami Kuoppamäki - drums, percussion

Sakari Kukko - saxophone ("The Real Thing")

Kimmo Kajasto - synthesizers

Carl Käki-Motion - Stüldt Håjt

Peter & Pan - didgeridoo & jaw harp

Tom Vuori and Robert Palomäki - recording, mixing

Henrik Otto Donner - editing

Bruno Maximus - cover painting

Otso Pohto - Kingston Wall-logo

Kie Von Hertzen - back cover design

Petteri Vilkki - graphic design, layout

Jouko Lehtola - photography

III – Tri-Logy is the 3rd and final studio album from the Finnish group Kingston Wall. The album name is sometimes cited as Tri-Logy or Tri~Logy.

This album was originally released under the band's own record label, Trinity, in autumn 1994. It was also licensed and released in Japan by Japanese Zero record label. Both of these prints have been sold out in the 1990s and are considered somewhat collector's items. In the original print, the front cover featured a Kingston Wall logo as a sticker on the jewel case.

In 1998, Finnish record label Zen Garden (later SonyBMG Finland) re-released the whole Kingston Wall discography as remastered versions along with a 2-disc limited print-version of each album which included a Bonus CD featuring rare/unreleased studio and live material. These 2-disc versions have also been sold out and are considered collectibles. The album is still available as a remastered 1-disc version from Zen Garden (2006). To date, Tri-Logy is the only original Kingston Wall album available on iTunes in the United States.

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