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Roy Wood - Starting Up (1987)

Roy Wood - Starting Up (1987)

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"Red Cars Are After Me" – 3:55

"Raining in the City" – 4:16

"Under Fire" – 4:23

"Turn Your Body to the Light" – 4:33

"Hot Cars" – 3:12

"Starting Up" – 3:19

"Keep It Steady" – 3:46

"On Top of the World" – 3:27

"Ships in the Night" – 5:04[2]

Starting Up is the 4th solo album by Roy Wood, who played most of the instruments and sang most of the vocals throughout, in addition to writing and producing the album. The album was released in February 1987. The track "On Top of the World", featured strings arranged and conducted by Louis Clark.

"Under Fire" (1985) and "Raining in the City" (1986) were both previously released as singles.

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