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Willie Nelson - My Own Peculiar Way (1969)

Willie Nelson - My Own Peculiar Way (1969)

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"My Own Peculiar Way"

"I Walk Alone" (Herbert Wilson)

"Any Old Arms Won't Do" (Hank Cochran, Nelson)

"I Just Don't Understand"

"I Just Dropped By"

"Local Memory"

"That's All"

"I Let My Mind Wander"

"Natural to Be Gone" (John Hartford)

"Love Has a Mind of Its Own" (Dallas Frazier)


"It Will Come to Pass" (Don Baird)

Willie Nelson Band Members / Musicians

Willie Nelson – vocals, guitar

Grady Martin – guitar

Jerry Reed – guitar

Wayne Moss – guitar

Charlie McCoy – guitar, piano, vibes

Bob Moore – bass

David Briggs – piano

Buddy Harman – drums

Jerry Carrigan – drums

My Own Peculiar Way is the 9th studio album by country singer Willie Nelson. It was his last release in the 1960s. Bergen White was the conductor and arranger. This became Willie's first studio album in which he used his new classical acoustic guitar called Martin N-20 that he named "Trigger".

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