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Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson (1979)

Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson (1979)

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Side one

"Me and Bobby McGee" (Fred Foster, Kristofferson) (5:40)

"Help Me Make It Through the Night" (3:57)

"The Pilgrim, Chapter 33" (3:33)

"Why Me" (3:52)

"For the Good Times" (5:24)

Side two

"You Show Me Yours (And I'll Show You Mine)" (3:54)

"Lovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)" (5:50)

"Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" (7:02)

"Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends" (2:48)

Willie Nelson Band Members / Musicians

Willie Nelson – lead vocals, guitar

Jody Payne – guitar

Bobbie Nelson – piano

Rex Ludwick – drums

Paul English – drums

Bee Spears – bass guitar

Chris Ethridge – bass guitar

Mickey Raphael – harp

Jerry Reed – electric guitar on "You Show Me Yours"

Grady Martin – electric guitar on You Show Me Yours"

Albert Lee – electric guitar on "The Pilgrim"

Booker T. Jones – organ on "Why Me"

Kris Kristofferson – backing vocals

Bradley Hartman, Harold Lee - engineer

Norman Seeff - photography

Sings Kristofferson is the 23rd studio album recorded by Willie Nelson in 1979 consisting of all covers of Kris Kristofferson songs. It reached #5 on the US Country albums chart, #42 on the US Pop albums charts, and was certified gold in Canada and platinum in the US.[citation needed] The cover is very simple, a single picture of Nelson's face against a black background, with the song titles to the right of his face. The back cover is the same background with both Nelson and Kristofferson's faces together.

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