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John Cale - Honi Soit (1981)

John Cale - Honi Soit (1981)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "Dead or Alive"   3:51

2. "Strange Times in Casablanca"   4:13

3. "Fighter Pilot"   3:10

4. "Wilson Joliet"   4:23

5. "Streets of Laredo"   3:34

Side two

6. "Honi Soit (La Première Leçon de Français)"   3:20

7. "Riverbank"   6:26

8. "Russian Roulette"   5:15

9. "Magic & Lies"   3:26

Total length:   37:45

John Cale Band Members / Musicians

John Cale ("flight surgeon") – lead vocals; guitar; keyboards; viola

Jim Goodwin ("gunner") – keyboards; synthesizer; backing vocals

Sturgis Nikides ("hellcat") – guitar; backing vocals

Robert Medici ("navigator") – drums; backing vocals

Peter Muny ("wing and prop") – bass guitar; backing vocals

John Gatchell – trumpet

Bomberettes (members of Mo-dettes) – backing vocals on "Fighter Pilot"

Mike Thorne – producer ("computer processing")

Harvey Goldberg – recording; mixing

Carl Beatty – engineer

Harold Tarowsky – assistant engineer

Jane Friedman – management ("propaganda")

John Vogel – graphic design

Andy Warhol – cover concept

Fred Lorey – photography

Warren Frank – "flight engineer"

Louis Tropia – "logistics"

Honi Soit is the 7th solo studio album by Welsh musician John Cale, released in March 1981 by A&M Records, and was his first studio album in six years following 1975's Helen of Troy. It was recorded and mixed by Harvey Goldberg at CBS Studios, East 30th Street and Mediasound in New York City with the intention of making a more commercial album with producer Mike Thorne at the helm, Thorne would soon be known for his work with Soft Cell. "Dead or Alive" was the only single released from the album but it did not chart. However, Honi Soit is Cale's only album to date to chart on the US Billboard 200 to date, peaking at No. 154.

In 1991, Universal re-released the album on CD. It only held the songs from the original LP. This same version of the album has been reissued twice: in 2004 and 2018.

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