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Justin Hayward - Live in San Juan Capistrano (1998)

Justin Hayward - Live in San Juan Capistrano (1998)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Your Wildest Dreams" – 4:07

"Lost and Found" – 2:59

"The Land of Make-Believe" – 2:25

"Blue Guitar" – 2:29

"Children of Paradise" (Hayward, Mickey Feat) – 3:14

"Troubadour" – 4:03

"The Way of the World" – 4:55

"Forever Autumn" (Wayne, Osborne, Vigrass) – 4:20

"The Actor" – 4:59

"Watching and Waiting" (Hayward, Ray Thomas) – 4:29

"Something to Believe In" (Phil Palmer, Paul Bliss) – 4:10

"Broken Dream" – 6:29

"The Story in Your Eyes" – 5:25

"Billy" – 6:09

"It's Not Too Late" – 4:53

"Tuesday Afternoon" – 4:24

"Nights in White Satin" – 5:23

"Raised on Love" – 4:20

VHS (1998) / DVD (2002) track listing


"Your Wildest Dreams"

"It's Up To You"

"Lost & Found"

"The Land of Make Believe"

"Driftwood""Blue Guitar"

"Children of Paradise"


"The Way of The World"

"Forever Autumn"

"The Actor"

"The Voice"

"Watching and Waiting"

"Something to Believe In"

"Broken Dream"

"The Story In Your Eyes"


"It's Not Too Late"

"Tuesday Afternoon"

"Nights in White Satin"


"Raised on Love"


Justin Hayward Band Members / Musicians

Justin Hayward – Guitar, Vocals

Mickey Feat – Bass, Vocals

Paul Bliss – Keyboards

Gordon Marshall – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Flute

Live in San Juan Capistrano is a live album by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, recorded in San Juan Capistrano, California in April 1998 and released that same year. The live set featured Gordon Marshall, Mickey Féat and Paul Bliss.

The CD is edited, with some songs omitted, though the VHS (1998) / DVD (2002) version of the concert is complete.

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