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L.A. Guns - Hollywood Forever (2012)

L.A. Guns - Hollywood Forever (2012)

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1. "Hollywood Forever"   4:42

2. "You Better Not Love Me"   4:17

3. "Eel Pie"   2:40

4. "Sweet Mystery"   4:01

5. "Burn"   4:01

6. "Vine St. Shimmy"   2:48

7. "Dirty Black Night"   4:50

8. "Underneath The Sun"   4:40

9. "Queenie"   3:44

10. "Crazy Tango"   4:40

11. "Venus Bomb"   2:36

12. "I Won't Play"   3:09

13. "Requiem (Hollywood Forever)"   4:05

14. "Araña Negra (Black Spider)" (Cover of The Bicicletas song)   4:59

15. "Rattlesnake (Bonus)"  

Total length:   55:12

L.A. Guns Band Members / Musicians

Phil Lewis - lead vocals

Stacey Blades – guitar

Scott Griffin – bass guitar (except on “Venus Bomb”) and keyboards

Steve Riley - drums

Kelly Nickels - bass guitar on "Venus Bomb"

The band recorded music videos for the songs "You Better Not Love Me," "Requiem (Hollywood Forever)" and "Araña Negra."

Hollywood Forever is the 10th studio album from L.A. Guns. The album is produced by Andy Johns, and is on Cleopatra Records. The album is available as a CD, vinyl record and digital download.

Early work, including pre-production and songwriting, on the album began in late 2011, with recording beginning in early 2012 in Los Angeles. The album title was chosen by Phil Lewis to express the band's connection to the Los Angeles area in general and Hollywood in particular.

The album was one of the final albums to feature production work from Andy Johns, who died in the spring of 2013.

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