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Legião Urbana - As Quatro Estações (1989)

Legião Urbana - As Quatro Estações (1989)

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1. "Há Tempos"   3:18

2. "Pais e Filhos" (Parents and Children)   5:08

3. "Feedback Song for a Dying Friend"   5:25

4. "Quando o Sol Bater na Janela do Teu Quarto" (When the Sun Shines on Your Bedroom's Window)   3:13

5. "Eu Era um Lobisomem Juvenil" (I Was a Teenage Werewolf)   6:45

6. "1965 (Duas Tribos)"   3:44

7. "Monte Castelo"   3:50

8. "Maurício"   3:17

9. "Meninos e Meninas" (Boys and Girls)   3:23

10. "Sete Cidades" (Seven Cities)   3:25

11. "Se Fiquei Esperando Meu Amor Passar" (If I Kept Waiting For My Lover to Walk By)   4:56

Total length:   46:23

Legião Urbana Band Members / Musicians

Renato Russo: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica

Dado Villa-Lobos: electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, percussion, mandolin

Marcelo Bonfá: drums, percussion, harmonica

As Quatro Estações (English: The Four Seasons) is the 4th studio album by the Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana. It was released on October 26, 1989. It is Legião Urbana's first release without bassist Renato Rocha, who was fired from the band prior to the album's recording sessions due to his lack of commitment to the group.

With over 1,9 million copies sold (730,000 in its first year), it is the band's most commercially successful album, and it was certified platinum by ABPD Six of its eleven songs enjoyed good radio airplay.

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