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Legião Urbana - Dois (1986)

Legião Urbana - Dois (1986)

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Side A

1. "Daniel na Cova dos Leões"   4:00

2. "Quase Sem Querer"   4:40

3. "Acrilic on Canvas"   4:40

4. "Eduardo e Mônica"   4:31

5. "Central do Brasil"   1:34

6. "Tempo Perdido"   5:02

Side B

1. "Metrópole"   2:49

2. "Plantas Embaixo do Aquário"   2:54

3. "Música Urbana 2"   2:40

4. "Andrea Doria"   4:53

5. "Fábrica"   4:56

6. ""Índios""  "Indigenous People"   4:17

7. "Química" (Hidden track exclusive to the cassette version)   2:15

Total length:   46:41

Legião Urbana Band Members / Musicians

Renato Russo - vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar (on "Acrilic on Canvas" and "Eduardo e Mônica")

Dado Villa-Lobos - lead guitar

Renato Rocha - bass guitar, keyboards (on "Acrilic on Canvas")

Marcelo Bonfá - drums, percussion

Dois (English: Two) is the 2nd studio album by Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana. It was released in July 1986 and produced by Mayrton Bahia, which was at that time assigned by EMI-Odeon to produce the label's newcomers. The booklet has a picture of a couple hugging each other and photographed from behind; it was taken by Ico Ouro Preto, former guitarist turned-photographer of the band.

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