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Legião Urbana - Mais do Mesmos (1998)

Legião Urbana - Mais do Mesmos (1998)

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1. "Será" (Is It Possible)   2:30
2. "Ainda É Cedo" (It's Still Early)   3:57
3. "Geração Coca-Cola" (Coca-Cola Generation)   2:22
4. "Eduardo e Mônica"   4:31
5. "Tempo Perdido" (Wasted Time)   5:02
6. ""Índios"" (Indigenous People)   4:17
7. "Que País É Este?" (What Is This Country?)   2:57
8. "Faroeste Caboclo" (Caboclo Western)   9:04
9. "Há Tempos" (Since Long)   3:17
10. "Pais e Filhos" (Parents and Children)   5:08
11. "Meninos e Meninas" (Boys and Girls)   3:23
12. "Vento no Litoral" (Wind on the Coastline)   6:06
13. "Perfeição" (Perfection)   4:37
14. "Giz" (Chalk)   3:23
15. "Dezesseis" (Sixteen)    5:23
16. "Antes das Seis" (Before Six)   3:10

Total length:   69:07

Legião Urbana Band Members / Musicians

Renato Russo - lead vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards

Dado Villa-Lobos - guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Marcelo Bonfá - drums

Renato Rocha - bass guitar on tracks 1-8

Mais do Mesmo is the 2nd compilation album by Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana. It was released in 1998, two years after vocalist, acoustic guitarist and keyboardist Renato Russo's death and the subsequent end of the band. All songs were extracted from all eight albums of the group, under Marcelo Bonfá's and Dado Villa-Lobos' choices. In Brazil, over a million copis were sold and the album was subsequently certified Diamond by ABPD. 

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