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Link Wray - Be What You Want To (1973)

Link Wray - Be What You Want To (1973)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Be What You Want To" - 5:57

"All Cried Out" (Mann Curtis, Michel Deborah) - 3:48

"Lawdy Miss Clawdy" (Lloyd Price) - 2:41

"Tucson, Arizona" - 4:18

"Riverbend" - 2:40

"You Walked By" - 3:17

"Walk Easy, Walk Slow" - 5:20

"All the Love in My Life" - 4:05

"You Really Got a Hold on Me" - 4:04

"Shine the Light" - 4:43

"Morning" - 2:02

Link Wray Band Members / Musicians

Link Wray - Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals

Jerry Garcia - Guitar, Pedal Steel

Commander Cody - Piano, Keyboards

Lance Dickerson - Drums

Andy Stein - Fiddle

Bobby Black - Steel Guitar

David Bromberg - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Chris Michie - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals, Composer

Tom Salisbury - Organ, Piano, Clavinet, Background Vocals, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements

Peter Kaukonen - Electric Guitar

John McFee - Electric Guitar

Paul Barlow - Bass

Teresa Adams - Cello

Jules Broussard - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Jack Schroer - Baritone Saxophone

Greg Douglas - Slide Guitar

Kip Maercklein - Bass

Rick Shlosser - Drums

Tom Harrell - Trumpet

Jules Rowell - Valve Trombone

Nathan Rubin - Violin

Bruce Steinberg - Harmonica

David Coffin - Background Vocals

Henry Coleman - Background Vocals

Keith Crossan - Background Vocals

Frank Demme - Background Vocals

Diane Earl - Background Vocals

Robert Frost - Background Vocals

Zeller Hurd - Background Vocals

Carl Johnson - Background Vocals

Thomas Jefferson Kaye - Background Vocals

Greg Kenney - Background Vocals

Barbara Mauritz - Background Vocals

Dorothy Morrison - Background Vocals

Ralph Payne - Background Vocals

Producer: Thomas Jefferson Kaye

Recording Engineer: Mallory Earl, Don Ososke

Mixing: Mallory Earl

Photography: Bruce Steinberg

Art Direction: Bruce Steinberg

Cover Design: Bruce Steinberg

Be What You Want To is the 1973 album by pioneer rock & roll guitarist, and Shawnee Indian Link Wray. The album was recorded in 1972 with many guest musicians, including Jerry Garcia, Commander Cody, and David Bromberg.

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