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Link Wray - Link Wray (1971)

Link Wray - Link Wray (1971)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"La De Da" (Steve Verroca) - 4:04

"Take Me Home Jesus" (Verroca) - 3:21

"Juke Box Mama" (Verroca) - 4:29

"Rise and Fall of Jimmy Stokes" (Verroca) - 4:02

"Fallin' Rain" (Link Wray) - 3:44

"Fire and Brimstone" (Wray) - 4:21

"Ice People" (Wray) - 3:03

"God Out West" (Verroca) - 3:54

"Crowbar" (Wray) - 4:48

"Black River Swamp" (Wray) - 3:58

"Tail Dragger" (Willie Dixon) - 4:32


Link Wray Band Members / Musicians

Link Wray - lead vocals, guitars, Dobro, bass guitar

Bobby Howard - mandolin, piano

Bill Hodges - piano, organ, backing vocals

Doug Wray - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Steve Verroca - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Gene Johnson - backing vocals

Producer: Steve Verroca and Ray Vernon, in association with Bob Feldman

Recording Engineer: Ray Vernon

Remixing Engineer: Chuck Irwin

Link Wray is the self-titled 1971 album by pioneering guitarist Link Wray. The music is an Americana blend of blues, country, gospel, and folk rock elements. This music is characterized by the purposeful use of simplified sounds to reflect the then-current vogue of blues and other roots music being used in many roots rock bands. Wray's guitar-work, composing, and vocals reflected modern rock influences. Despite publicity from radio stations and print media in the Washington, D.C. area, the album did not do well in national sales.

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